Humble Bees FDC

Humble Bees Family Day Care is a unique and flexible service providing a warm and nurturing environment for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Family Day Care provides opportunities for children and their families to develop a strong bond with their educator. At Humble Bees we welcome your family into our family home with open arms and hearts.

Located in the leafy suburb of Mount Clear and operating through the City of Ballarat, Humble Bees Family Day Care aims to provide personalised care and education for all children. Play and child led learning is at the core of our philosophy with an emphasis on connecting with nature and the community.  Learn more here.

Our logo was created by Liam Milner, a talented artist based in Melbourne. This special piece of artwork represents the nurturing community that is family daycare… because as we know, it takes a village to raise a child.

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, Humble Bees Family Day Care provides a warm and supportive environment with self directed play at its core.

Play is the highest form of research. – Einstein

My role as an early childhood educator is to observe and listen carefully to ensure I deliver the best possible program and learning environment for the children I educate and care for.

I welcome and encourage child-led activities and projects that are spontaneous and driven by the children’s interests because I believe that all children are capable of constructing their own learning. I see myself as a mentor, collaborator and co-learner aiming to facilitate each child’s learning through the planning and implementation of the program; by asking questions and reflecting upon my observations to extend learning; by actively engaging with each child as they explore the world around them; and by encouraging children to ask questions, find answers and take risks in order to develop independence and resilience.

It is through others that we develop into ourselves. – Vygotsky

The principles of respect, responsibility, and community are heavily embedded within the program and whilst each child is celebrated as a unique and capable individual I encourage strong relationships to be promoted and nurtured between other children, their families and the wider community. Empathy and compassion are actively modelled through stories, daily interactions and Circle Time discussions to ensure respectful relationships are established and understood. Children are encouraged to do things for themselves including packing away toys and setting the table during mealtimes, as well as looking after the learning environment and the materials and resources used.

Input from families is always welcomed and encouraged with ideas and suggestions being incorporated into the program to provide a sense of familiarity for children and peace of mind for parents/carers. This collaborative process ensures that we celebrate who we are and where we come from as well as embracing our similarities and differences. We regularly engage with and immerse ourselves within our local community through our Bush Playgroup sessions, our engagement with the Food is Free Laneway and regular outings that take us to local places such as the library, Lake Wendouree and the Specialist School Farm.

You’re my home and my adventure all at once. – Anonymous

I view the learning environment as the third teacher and therefore aim to develop meaningful play spaces that encourage curiosity, cooperation and persistence.

Our warm and inviting indoor environment is filled with natural light and materials, open spaces and a predictable layout that are free from visual noise so as not to overwhelm or over stimulate children during play and rest periods. These spaces include a home corner, reading area, music baskets, puzzles and games, loose parts and readily available art supplies to ignite imagination and creativity.

Our naturally designed outdoor environment aims to encourage a deep connection with nature, including a mud kitchen, fairy garden, sandpit, water table, guinea pigs and vegetable garden. These spaces have been developed to ensure natural materials are used wherever possible creating an aesthetically pleasing area for children to immerse themselves within the natural world around them. Climbing, digging, splashing in puddles, getting dirty and taking calculated risks are welcomed and encouraged here